Roman’s Speech Disability

Every mother has a special place in her heart for her first born. Roman is no exception! My baby boy is now 3 years old! He’s finally really embraced his big brother role and life is way easier because of it! But while I like to think my kids are perfect and the smartest and the best things ever created, like every person does, they have their struggles. I didn’t realize until Roman was around 18 months old that his speech was not as developed as it should have been. I kept saying, Oh, he’ll start picking up words. He’ll start talking soon. Until he wasn’t. So at age 2, I took him to a speech therapist who taught me all types of exercises to do with him. I learned tools to communicate with my child. Do you know how [...]

Roman Starts Preschool

My little boy is growing up way too fast! Roman started preschool this Fall and, of course, we documented it with some photographs. How could we not!?! We enrolled him in Sacred Heart, a private Catholic school. Yes, we aren’t Catholic, but to me and my husband that doesn’t matter. To us, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist--it’s all about the experience and cultural education. The more diverse the better. I just want my son in the best school possible, where the grounds are beautiful and the staff is welcoming, informed, and hands-on. As a new parent, you don’t know anything; I sure didn’t! And so it’s been a learning experience, but so far our choice has been nothing but amazing. For the first two weeks, Roman cried every single time I dropped him off. Fortunately, I was prepared for that. [...]

Isabella’s First Birthday

I think it’s safe to say every mother wants her child’s 1st birthday party to be memorable and a bit extravagant. And I was no different! Isabella was turning 1 and I wanted to throw her a bash. We decided on the Fed (The Fed Community), venue in Clarkston, Michigan that chic and trendy. Because the interior is so gorgeous—imagine being in an Anthropologie—we kept it classic and decorated with balloons and flowers. BARELYON, a cover band, jammed out, their folky, Bohemian sound fitting nicely with the Fed’s vibe. Delicious food was served: mini tacos, flatbread pizza, truffle fries, salmon. We had cupcakes from the Townsend Hotel Bakery. Everything was perfect. And yet, our little birthday girl was in a mood. Let’s just say the event didn’t start out as I dreamed it would! Crying and screaming, she and I [...]

Isabella’s Cake Smash

I decided VERY last minute that we had to do a cake smash shoot for Isabella. Naturally, I called our photographer Yamille and thankfully she could see us the next day! So, the next morning I ran around buying bouquets of roses, a cake, balloons, some banners, and somehow it all came together beautifully. Here are some of my favorites!  

Our Last Time Nursing

I couldn’t wait to have a girl! I wanted a mini me whom I could dress up and spoil rotten. And Isabella is everything I hoped having a girl would be. Though in some ways having a second child disrupts the flow you created in your home after your first born, I’m happy for the disruption. But she’s growing up so fast! They say, “Days are long, but the years are short.” That’s kinda what motherhood feels like. We’re exhausted each day, and then suddenly turn around and our babies are all grown up! Though I loved breastfeeding her, there were definitely times I wanted it to be over--something that made me feel guilty for wanting. As moms, our entire lives revolve around it. And yet, as soon as it’s done, we want it back! Crazy how that seems to [...]

Self Love

I am a mom, just like you, with messy hair and a lack of showers, juggling a million things at once. Right now, for me, it’s two toddlers, selling a house, buying a house, my husband, and of course everyday challenges that tip me over the edge. And often it’s all on me. And often I feel like it’s too much. But as much as I’m that mom who wants to do it all for my family and be super mom, I also have the urge to be glamorous and look chic and revived, just as I did BC--“Before Children.”. It’s easy for us to lose ourselves in the day to day mayhem that is motherhood, stressed about sleeping patterns, nursing schedules, potty training, school schedules, play dates…The list is so endless it can make my head spin! Taking time [...]

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